Create a visually striking representation of how Delsym effectively the stops annoying coughing and sneezing that accompanies the common cold as seen throughout an entire bustling city in :30.


“There are projects where the effects are meant to be seen, however, in this instance it was the opposite. The visual representation of the Delsym relief was a bit stylized—along with the apartment lights turning on and then off, night settles over those in need of rest represented the Delsym affect, but it had to be perceived as reality. Mindset Content Group filmed and lit for the interior scenes, with stills shot by our client, the talented Roy Tuck. Anything outside of the windows was fully created in post via parallax digital matte painting composites. Nitrous was so successful with the realism and believability of the exteriors, we went a step further by replacing walls, window frames and principle lighting set-ups seamlessly combining them with the takes of live action sequences.”
- Steve Marino, Nitrous ECD


To watch the transformation, check out the Before and After of our Case Study below. Click here for the complete spot.