Designer Stephen and Assistant Editor Drew FOR THE WIN!


Designer Stephen and Assistant Editor Drew FOR THE WIN!

10 Feb 2015

If you’ve ever partied with us—if you’ve ever taken a game break while working here--- if you’ve ever been challenged by the foosball master himself, our designer Stephen McNally-- you’d know that at Nitrous we take foosball and other ‘non-sport’ sports very seriously. There’s no laughter, no smiles, and certainly no beer to drink while playing. We're totally kidding on that last part.

Seriously though, we love foosball.  As crazy as this sounds, two of our own recently made a huge, gigantic win, securing the start of a foosball legacy for Nitrous.

Stephen and Drew WON the 2014 UltimateRec foosfest held at O’Neals Boat Basin Café in Manhattan June 9th. The win took place after a grueling, smack-talk deflecting, hand-cramping 5 hours of straight foosball.  As the grand prizewinners, they not only received a shiny gold-ish trophy worthy of any champion of this caliber, but will be headed out to an all-inclusive stay in Amsterdam for 3 days!  We are proud colleagues smiling ear-to-ear for our creative’s accomplishment. (Ok, and maybe a little jealous too.) Big congratulations to Stephen and Drew!

Now, do you know this means for you? It means you have to stop by, grab a drink, and challenge us to a fun-natured game! We always love to have you over! But you knew that.

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