Ending Out 2015 and Starting 2016 In This Newsletter


Ending Out 2015 and Starting 2016 In This Newsletter

18 Nov 2019

New Productions  |  New Year


February 2016.


The phones are ringing off the hook. The studio is buzzing with producers eager to deliver content to both editors and clients, and the deadlines are only getting tighter. 

We bet that rings a bell.

To most people that sounds insane, but to Nitrous it was just another end of the year wrap up. 

And we dig it! 

Check out how we capped out 2015 and the first month of 2016.



Let's Get to it - In This Newsletter:

    •    New Year, New News 12 2D Animation

    •    The Show Donald Trump Calls "Very Boring"

    •    Partying with Giada De Laurentiis

    •    Doing Digital with Bloomberg






"Rick DeMasi, a long standing client, came to us to design and create a traditional 2D character driven animated spot for News 12 Networks." Explains Steve Marino, Director | ECD

"Working with Rick, we were able to create an engaging family that provides the News 12 Networks audience with the essentials of how easy it is to keep up to date with their News,

Weather, and Traffic updates at a moments notice throughout the day.

We are extremely happy our animated family has resonated with the News 12 audience, and look forward to the next round of animation with Rick, and of course Jack and his family."

Click here to revisit Jack and his family!



"Despite popular demand," Last Week Tonight With John Oliver is back for more with its 3rd season queued to premiere February 14th. Following tradition of 1 & 2, our friends at HBO came to Nitrous to collaborate on season 3's Negative Critics Spot.

"This time around we tackled editorial, VFX, color, and sound" says owner Paul C. Rosen who edited and color graded the pieces. "It was a sincere pleasure to work with such a talented team all around. The process was very smooth since Nitrous managed the post pipeline from dailies through mastering."

HBO never fails to deliver stellar writer/producers who make the post-process as rewarding & entertaining as the content they create. And as viewers, we especially can't wait to watch our favorite Brit weigh in on the highlights of this year's election.

In case you missed it, click here to catch a glimpse of what The Wall Street Journal says "Makes people dumb."


Toward the end of the year we were approached by our dear friend/colleague Jil Ely of Milk Money Productions (previously with Bella Vita Creative) to assist on Giada De Laurentiis's new Food Network venture Giada's Holiday Handbook and Giada Entertains.

The entire campaign is part of a partnership/integration with its sponsor Wayfair, who reported a significant sales impact as a direct result of this campaign.


The project is a collection of 20 second launch spots to premiere in each of the two shows, a bunch of episodic promos, and 30 second short forms with entertaining tips from Giada. 

A reported increase in sales and knowledge due to this campaign is a win all around.

Click here to get an early peek at one of Giada's party planning tips!


Bloomberg tasked Nitrous to present the key attributes that make Bloomberg Briefs the essential business tool that it is, a digital newsletter that provides people with key up to date information on all things business.

Our intent, rather than to stick to the tried-and-true testimonial style popular for these projects, was to integrate strong graphic sensibility setting it apart from the rest, making it truly unique.

"I'm very happy with what we were able to come up with to represent Bloomberg Briefs. Specifically the way we were able to incorporate the live action seamlessly with the graphic approach that our designer Stephen McNally beautifully created." - Steve Marino, Director | ECD.

Click here to see a glimpse of Bloomberg Briefs.

Thank you for reading.


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We'll see you soon,


- Paul & The Nitrous team  


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