Fall 2015 Newsletter!


Fall 2015 Newsletter!

18 Nov 2019

New Productions  |  New Friends


September 2015.


As the hot summer dissipates into cool breezes and pumpkin spiced everything, we wanted to share some of the projects that have kept us busy this summer, and give a sneak peak at the project that will help us continue the on-going expansion of our  Content Creation portfolio.


 Let's Get to it: In This Newsletter:

•    ESPN and Nitrous Collaborate on a Spot Highlighting Women Viewership
•    Nitrous Cozies Up Next to ESPN For an Overnight Edit Session
•    NEW Artwork Adorns Avid 3
•    Nitrous Continues to Expand 'Content Creation' Portfolio with NEW Project


Lights, Camera, Action.

ESPN came to us with the challenge of illustrating to advertisers how important sports are to women (millennial women, specifically). As women are highly valued by marketers, being able to show they are big fans and consumers of sports, especially on ESPN, the company would be able to secure more advertising dollars that target women. ESPN needed multi-purpose/multi-use content that could inform and impress new advertisers. In one week, Nitrous conceptualized, cast, coordinated, and produced a series of beautiful interviews with a diverse group of women of varying backgrounds. These women shared their individual stories about family, competition, memories & hope for the future all centered around a sports team. Whether it was about going to basketball games with their dads, driving their kids around to various athletic events, hosting superbowl parties, meeting their husbands or teaching kids about being gracious winners and losers, each woman had a unique story to share.
In addition to Directing and Production, Nitrous handled the Editorial & Color Grading. The finished product made its rounds among several divisions at ESPN to rave reviews. It's a fresh perspective delivered in a personal way that resonates with advertisers and internal constituencies alike.

Spending the Night with ESPN

When the British Royal Couple Prince William and Kate Middleton came to NYC to catch a Nets game at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, ESPN was there to capture the moment. Afterwards, we were there to help assemble that moment into a SporsCenter segment. After leaving fully satisfied, we were given another opportunity to create something similar, only this segment was more involved.

And it's a good thing staff editor Derek, ESPN's Gustavo Coletti, and Jenna Contreras got on so well, because they were in for a big ob in a short amount of time. 

"Editing wit Gus and Jenna was a blast. The project was two-fold, so we knew we had to work smartly and quickly overnight to finish both segments in time. The segments highlighted Rosie Perez's interview of the two welterweight boxers Danny Garcia nad Paulie Malignaggi, before their big fight on ESPN. It was a lot of work, but we plowed through with surprising ease, and finished both pieces with plenty of time to make it to air. The shorter Segment aired on ESPN's PBC Boxing, just before the fight began." - Derek Brown, Nitrous editor | colorist

Projects like these make us glad we got the extra comfy couches.

"The Purpose of Art is Washing the Dust of Daily Life Off Our Souls" - Horace

One of the many things we take pride in at Nitrous is the collection of artwork we’ve thoughtfully acquired over the years. While designing our 5th Avenue studio we asked ourselves: “How can we ask our staff to tap into their deepest creativity, surrounded by plain white walls?”

You can’t.
art inspires more art.
This stunning photo was taken at Seaside Heights, NJ shortly after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy swept through. For more of Marco's breathtaking work available for purchase, click here.


Nitrous is pleased to announce our newest piece of original artwork, by established photographer Marco Catini. In addition to keeping our staff inspired, we believe in supporting our local artistic community, as their contributions to this city are immeasurable.

(Pictures of artwork never do the intended piece justice. Stop on by & have a look!)


The Lucky Ones


This summer Nitrous collaborated on a reality TV pilot with The Lucky Ones Entertainment, headed up by agency producer Joseph Alvaro and film television critic, Matt Zoller Seitz. Celebrating the real-life stories of people who have lost their loved ones, the show is a refreshing and grounding look at contemporary partnerships and what makes them work so that one day, we may all count ourselves as one of The Lucky Ones.

Nitrous is proud to be production partners with The Lucky Ones Entertainment providing casting, directing, shooting, editing, seamless VFX, graphic design and much more.

Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading.

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