Find Out What's Being Said About Nitrous


Find Out What's Being Said About Nitrous

18 Nov 2019

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March 2015.


Let's Get to it: In This Newsletter:

  • Nitrous Creates Non-Traditional Client
    Reflection Piece for
    Disney ESPN Media Network

  • Collaboration with HBO on
    "Last Week Tonight"
    with John Oliver Season 2 Promo

  • Before and After: Delsym Skyline

  • Nitrous Elevates Derek Brown and
    Hires Drew Garner

Lights, Camera, Action.
In the swell of the current “Content is King”
TV trend, Disney and ESPN Media Networks
looked to Nitrous for a solution that would
set themselves apart from the rest. By turning
the focus back on the fans, their experience,
and the happiness that they feel, Nitrous
(from concept to completion) created an
engaging, non-traditional, and comprehensive
reflection of Disney and ESPN Media Networks’
customer experience from Disney Junior to
ABC Family, to ESPN and everything in between.
Click here to check out the customers really
have to say. 
More of Basically The Same? Sweet.
Dating back to the very first episode, we all
knew"Last Week Tonight with John Oliver"
was going to be a show that was in it for the
long haul. We had the pleasure of laughing
mercilessly while editing and color grading
the trailer for season one, and were elated
to have our hand at doing the same this year
for season 2's trailer. "After working on the
first season's launch promos, I was very excited
to be asked back to work on Season 2. Not only
is the footage beautifully directed and shot,
but the hilarious material John and his team
write (and ad-lib!) offers seemingly endless
editorial opportunity. Add in the Creative team
at HBO Creative Services and you have the
perfect ingredients for an amazing job."
- Paul C. Rosen,
Nitrous Owner | Senior Editor | Colorist 
Click here for Season 2's trailer.

Delsym Skyline: Before and After.











Working closely with Mindset Content Group,
Nitrous handled the post production on Delsym Skyline.

Our friends Gary Hill and Roy Tuck from
Reckitt Benckiser came to us with footage
and a plan. Here’s what we did:

"Mindset Content Group filmed and lit for the
interior scenes, including fantastic stills shot
by Roy (Tuck) himself,” explains Nitrous
Steve Marino. “Anything outside of the
windows was fully created in post via parallax
digital matte painting composites. Loving the
way we were able to pull off the realism and
believability of the exteriors, we went a step
further by replacing walls, window frames and
principle lighting set-ups, seamlessly combining
the takes of live action sequences.” 

"This would have been a much lesser spot without
the skill, creativity, work ethic and good humor
of the folks at Nitrous. The effects were essential
to this concept. We had limited time and budget
to bring “Skyline” to life. They nailed it.
Thanks Nitrous!"
– Roy Tuck, Creative Director/ Art Director

“Working with the Nitrous team on Delsym was a
walk in the park. From the first concept meeting
they were a part of the creative team, which
helped turn around a complicated spot with a ten
week schedule into a 5 week completion and

deliveryover Christmas and New Years. Paul,
Steve and their team were on set helping block
special effect shots, going through dailies with a
fine tooth comb and then making New York come
alive at night with dynamic moving shots that
were actually a few stills from a Nikon taken
during the day. On a very tight budget in an
even tighter finishing schedule they delivered
big time.” 
- Gary Hill, Executive Producer, Reckitt Benckiser

Click here to watch the Delsym Before and After.


Movin' On Up and Movin' On In:
Derek Brown and Drew Garner



Nitrous prides itself on keeping up to date
with the best equipment, the best programs,
in the most relaxed atmosphere possible
for creativity to prosper...

We also believe in teaching and elevating
our staff, who are after all--- Nitrous’ greatest
assets. Derek Brown, our formerIntern-turned-
Assistant-Editor has earned his stripes time
and time again with his ability to take cue from
our clients, cut exactly what they envision,
and have a great time doing it. Couple
those traits with an almost wizard-like ability
to cut under the strictest of deadline, we
couldn't be more proud to move him up the
Nitrous ladder. We’ve since dropped the
assistant title, and next time you see Derek,
make sure to give him a congratulatory noogie.
He'll love that. 

Ok, so Drew isn't technically that new, but...

Drew started here in October '13 as an intern,
recommended by a great colleague/friend of
ours over at NBC Universal. As we promised
ourselves not to give him any preferential
treatment, it quickly became clear that we
didn’t have to. Drew was just that skilled and
hungry to learn more. Drew is as dedicated as
he is funny, as talented as he is humble, and
almost as good at foosball as our designer
Stephen. He'd also appreciate a congratulatory
noogie should you see him anytime soon.

For more about Drew, click here.

Thank you for reading.

Call us, or stop on by to discuss
your next project!

We'll see you soon,

- Paul & 
The Nitrous team  

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