Keep Up To Date With Us!


Keep Up To Date With Us!

20 Nov 2017

The Return Of Our Quarterly Newsletter.

At Nitrous, we are always growing as a company and believe you deserve to be kept up to speed with our continual advances. After all, as our client, these developments positively impact your business and can make your job easier.

In This Newsletter:

  • HBO and Nitrous collaboration on Game of Thrones: Ice and Fire, A Foreshadowing
  • The Nitrous Media Shuttle
  • Nitrous welcomes John "Monte" Montelione
  • Celebration of the 1 Year Anniversary of Designer Stephen McNally & Studio Manager Lauren Boyce at Nitrous

HBO Called, We Answered.

HBO worked in conjunction with Nitrous to create an exciting show around their hit series Game of Thrones for a preview of Season 4, entitled: Ice and Fire, A Foreshadowing. The show features exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and clips from Season 4, along with cast interviews, fan questions and more. Oh, and did we mention Design? Our Design & Visual FX division delivered powerful visuals based upon the sigils of each family of Westeros. You can check out the show here.

We are pleased to offer the Nitrous Media Shuttle.

What’s a Media Shuttle?

High Speed File Transfers. It allows for the transfer of large files between two locations by maximizing high bandwidth internet connections.

How can it be used?

Send camera files directly from set to post

Deliver finished content (read large files) from Nitrous to distribution facility:

  • Your 80 versioned commercial cuts
  • Your 30 minute behind the scenes show
  • Your completed Visual FX shots
  • Transfer media files from your edit
  • More

 What is needed?

  • A high speed internet connection at both points (we have one at Nitrous)
  • The greater the bandwidth, the faster the files will transfer

This service maximizes the connection at both ends. It's much better than FTP.

How do I set this up for my next project?
Simply express your interest. We'll handle the rest.

Nitrous Welcomes Award Winning John "Monte" Montelione to the Team

New to Nitrous, John "Monte" Montelione has been an exceptional addition to the team. Bringing years of industry experience, Monte can cut anything, and has— from Coke & Pepsi, MasterCard & Visa, to GNC & Toyota spots. Monte adds to the well-rounded persona of our editors and brings his own splash of color to our canvas. Check out his full bio and work here.

We asked Monte how he feels about Nitrous so far, to his reply:

“I can say so much about Nitrous. Their work is of the highest caliber and quality in the industry; anything less than perfect is unacceptable. And what can I say about the facility itself? State of the art, hi tech, and fun! I am delighted to be a part of the crew, and  do see a very fruitful year for all of us."

Celebration of the 1 Year Anniversary (OK, a little longer) of Designer Stephen McNally & Studio Manager Lauren Boyce

You heard that! It's been a year full of striking Design & Visual FX and heightened social media outreach. Not to mention, the cookies! (hopefully you've had the pleasure of sampling Lauren's baked goods. If not, then you need to come by more often!)

To Celebrate, Here Are 3 Things You Didn't Know About Them:

Stephen McNally, Designer

  1. Stephen spent a good portion of his life ardently infatuated with the Iditarod.
  2. Stephen was an ambidextrous knuckleball player in the Arizona Fall League in 2004.
  3. Stephen can DESTROY any Foosball opponent. Come to Nitrous and challenge him at our table!

Our Design & Visual FX reel can be seen here.

Lauren Boyce, Studio Manager


  1. Lauren shares a birthday (and birth year) with the Olson twins.
  2. Loves baking cookies and Makeup Art equally as much as she loves pre-Black Album Metallica (which is a lot.)
  3. While in college, her thesis short film made it into the top-ten faculty and audience selects out of 112 submissions that year.

Thank you kindly for reading our newsletter and staying up to date with Nitrous.

Don't be shy!  Call us, email us, or stop on by to discuss your next project!

We'll see you soon,

- The Nitrous team

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