Nitrous Delivers a Revamped Delsym Skyline Spot


Nitrous Delivers a Revamped Delsym Skyline Spot

18 Nov 2019



Working closely with Mindset Content Group, Nitrous handled the post production on Delsym Skyline.

Our friends Gary Hill and Roy Tuck from Reckitt Benckiser came to us with footage and a plan. Here’s what we did:

"Mindset Content Group filmed and lit for the interior scenes, including fantastic stills shot by Roy (Tuck) himself,” explains Nitrous ECD Steve Marino. “Anything outside of the windows was fully created in post via parallax digital matte painting composites. Loving the way we were able to pull off the realism and believability of the exteriors, we went a step further by replacing walls, window frames and principle lighting set-ups, seamlessly combining the takes of live action sequences.” 

"This would have been a much lesser spot without the skill, creativity, work ethic and good humor of the folks at Nitrous. The effects were essential to this concept. We had limited time and budget to bring “Skyline” to life. They nailed it. Thanks Nitrous!" – Roy Tuck, Creative Director/ Art Director

“Working with the Nitrous team on Delsym was a walk in the park. From the first concept meeting they were a part of the creative team, which helped turn around a complicated spot with a ten week schedule into a 5 week completion and delivery over Christmas and New Years. Paul, Steve and their team were on set helping block special effect shots, going through dailies with a fine tooth comb and then making New York come alive at night with dynamic moving shots that were actually a few stills from a Nikon taken during the day. On a very tight budget in an even tighter finishing schedule they delivered big time.”  - Gary Hill, Executive Producer, Reckitt Benckiser

 For the finished Delsym Skyline :30 spot, go here. To witness the before and after of this project coming to life, click here.

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