Nitrous Getting It On' With HBO


Nitrous Getting It On' With HBO

14 Apr 2015



OK, so we will —Nitrous color graded and composited the staff of the Billy Barnes Extended Care Unit, captured by director Maurice Marable at 48fps 5K on the RED Epic Dragon, incorporating critics quotes with the quirky characters.

The final product first aired leading into the Premiere of Boardwalk Empire. If you missed it, you can catch the tease making its rounds on HBO, and right here. And if you love dark humor fused with moments of true tenderness, check out the Season 2 Premiere of “Getting On,” this November.

Creative Director: Karen Sands
Writer/Producer: Daniel Akers

Nitrous Ltd
Editor | Colorist: Paul C. Rosen
Creative Director: Steve Marino
Designer: Stephen McNally

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