18 Nov 2019

UPDATED 12/24/2016

Paranormal Lockdown is a show that transcends the bounds of reality, weaving through layers of this world and beyond. We follow Nick Groff (formerly of Ghost Adventures) and Katrina Weidman (formally of Paranormal State),  on a mission to “"on a mission to discover something new in the paranormal field" locked down in one haunted location for 72 chilling hours at a time.

For the show’s premiere back in March, we completed the editorial for the open as well as its graphics and design.  Rob Saffi, Co-Executive Producer and Music Composer of the show added of the process, “the Nitrous team helped push our show open to the next level with a visual and GFX style that perfectly captured the tone that we were looking to achieve. I’ve worked with Steve, Paul, and the Nitrous team for years and they always elevate each project with fresh creative ideas and an attention to every detail that makes all the difference in delivering top-quality content every time.”

The show’s own Nick Groff tells of his experience "Everyone at Nitrous went above and beyond to help bring our vision to Life. The outcome is absolutely amazing! Paranormal Lockdown graphic open brought the viewers closer into our supernatural world and what our mind and body go through during our 72hr intense investigation. Every detail was looked at and accomplished." The tone & vision Rob and Nick speak of was partly achieved by “creating scratchy textured font that cut back and forth between the titles and wiccan symbols. We also layered smoke and fire footage for several of the transitions, including the reveal of the main title.” Explains Nitrous Designer Stephen McNally.

The show’s concept is as terrifying as it was fun for us creatively explore in the edit suite.  Can’t get more “out of the box” than out of this world…

Paranormal Lockdown airs on Destination America, check your TV Guide for info. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll watch the show with the lights on.


Rob and the gang asked us to update the open of the show (which we really enjoyed doing the first time around!), and create some really fun internal graphics based on blueprints of the creepy old buildings Justin and Katrina explore. Check back for links!

Executive Producer/ Host – Nick Groff

Executive Producer – Justin Narragon

Co- Executive Producer & Cinematographer – Rob Saffi

Music Composed & Performed by Rob Saffi

Creative Director – Steve Marino

Designer - Stephen McNally

Editor - Derek Brown