The Wacom Manifesto!


The Wacom Manifesto!

25 Nov 2015


At Nitrous, we greet every project with enormous amounts of enthusiasm and creative vision, as in our industry---everything can, and should be artistic. It’s always a thrill, and an added bonus, when we are approached with a project where the focus literally is creativity.

Wacom is a leader in interactive pen displays and digital drawing tablets, and the project is a representation of just how powerful single ideas can be when executed with purpose. Our colleagues from La Moutique did a beautiful job of capturing the creative integrity behind every day people performing their day-to-day passions, which draws a perfect parallel to what Wacom as a company intends to cultivate and perfect with their products.  After editorial wrapped, we thoughtfully painted the imagery to, how we feel—best compliment the overall message of the short video. All color-grading was completed by our senior editor | colorist | and head-honcho, Paul C. Rosen.

You can check out the Wacom Manifesto "Declaration" here on our site, and also head over to La Moutique to view the video and other award-winning work.

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