What Makes Nitrous So Unique? Find Out In This Newsletter!


What Makes Nitrous So Unique? Find Out In This Newsletter!

18 Nov 2019


Welcome To Our Quarterly Newsletter.

As we slide into the final stretch of 2014, we're keeping the momentum up!

In This Newsletter:
    •    Launch of Our New
    •    The Release of Our Brand New Color-Grade Reel
    •    Nitrous Collaborates With HBO on "Getting On" Critics Tease
Awards Time!


Let's Start With A Note From Nitrous Owner, Paul C. Rosen



One afternoon, I was having lunch with a client in session. We were discussing some of the production my team had recently completed. In between bites of sushi (it was probably a Friday) the client said to me “I didn’t know Nitrous did that!”

Astonished, I replied “of course we do.” I then went down the list of some of the other things we do which I suspected my colleague was not aware of.

That experience led me to realize, on a larger scale —that a portion of our clients rely on us for just one aspect of the overall process, traditional post (editorial, design, animation, color-correction, VFX, and sound), or production (writing, shooting, directing) or creative (concept creation) —and they just stick with us for that, unaware of our other facets.

The redesign of our website is meant to clearly lay out what we do and how we can take your project from concept through completion. We understand there are many options available for piecing together a production, and that’s fine. Being in the position of offering all of that under one roof, and doing it well, makes Nitrous a special place. I encourage you to inquire about how Nitrous can be the hub of your next production —even when your shoot is in L.A. and post is in N.Y.C.

We’re here for you.

See you soon, — Paul


New Nitrous Website: Beauty & Brains
Paul just spoke to all the ways Nitrous can be a part of your project. One major way to convey the message a little louder and prouder, is through the redesign of our website. See it here at nitrous.tv


Watch The Transformations Here
The website isn't our only new addition.  


Nitrous Gets It On With HBO


We could get on, and on, and on about how much we loved collaborating on this Critics Tease for the acclaimed HBO show "Getting On," now entering its second season. Nitrous color graded and composited the staff of the Billy Barnes Extended Care Unit, captured by director Maurice Marable at 48fps 5K on the RED Epic Dragon, and incorporated critic quotes with the quirky characters. The final product first aired leading into this season's Premiere of "Boardwalk Empire." If you missed it, you can catch the tease making its rounds on HBO, or you can check it out here. And if you love dark humor fused with moments of true compassion, check out the Season 2 Premiere of “Getting On” this November.


HBO: Creative Director - Karen Sands; Writer/Producer - Daniel Akers

Nitrous Ltd: Editor/Colorist - Paul C. Rosen; Creative Director - Steve Marino; Designer - Stephen McNally


It's Telly Time. 


This year we created a "Family of Apps" for News 12 Long Island, which landed us three Telly Awards in the categories of:  

- Best Regional Animation 2014

- Best Local Animation 2014 -

- People's Choice Animation 2014

"Our close relationship with News 12 enabled us to hit the ground running," explains Director | Executive Creatice Director Steve Marino. "We are very proud of creating characters with distinct and individual personalities; they truly are a unique and modern family, who just so happen to be Apps!" . Next up, more spots for News 12 Long Island featuring our App Family, and additional commercials which will go in entirely different animated directions. Stay tuned!


Thank you for reading our newsletter and staying up to date with Nitrous. 

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We'll see you soon,
- The Nitrous team