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PROJECTS   13 Apr 2021

White Plains, NY


We are proud to announce the creation of our new shooting stage located in our White Plains facility. 

PROJECTS   27 Sep 2020

White Plains, NY

COVID-19 has caused us to rethink how we capture high quality video while keeping everyone safe.

With Nitrous' remote recording capabilities, we are:

PROJECTS   16 Sep 2019

Nitrous delivered 12 videos for Hyatt's Global Summit and...

PROJECTS   24 Mar 2019

Times Up Healthcare producer Stacy Gitlin and Nitrous owner/editor Paul C. Rosen have completed a dramatic launch video...

PROJECTS   3 Apr 2018

Having the right tools...

PROJECTS   3 Feb 2018

Our good friend Joan Kron is celebrating her 90th birthday this week (yes, 90th!) with the release of her debut film, "Take My Nose... Please!

PROJECTS   22 Aug 2016

Working with Alan Massey and his talented team, Nitrous colorist, Paul C. Rosen put the finishing touches on this episode of the “Éclair Diaries” films.

PROJECTS   7 Jun 2016

Paranormal Lockdown is a show that transcends the bounds of reality, weaving through layers of this world and beyond.

PROJECTS   24 Aug 2015

When the British Royal Couple Prince William and Kate Middleton came to NYC to catch a Nets game at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, ESPN was there to capture the moment.

PROJECTS   23 Feb 2015

Working closely with Mindset Content Group, Nitrous handled the post production on Delsym Skyline.

PROJECTS   22 Jan 2015

More of basically the same?
Well yeah, if you mean ...

PROJECTS   15 Sep 2014

Nitrous has two DaVinci Resolve grading suites.

PROJECTS   14 Sep 2014

We could GET ON, and on, and on about how much we loved collaborating on this Critics Tease for the acclaimed HBO show “Getting On” now entering its second season.

PROJECTS   18 Aug 2014

At Nitrous, we greet every project with enormous amounts of enthusiasm and creative vision, as in our industry---everything can, and should be artistic. It’s always a thrill, and an added bonus, when we are approached

PROJECTS   25 Apr 2013

Few can say they have as much strength, courage, and perseverance as Kristen Carr did ...