Kevin Huffman

Kevin Huffman

Director | Producer | Writer



Kevin is a creative and experienced storyteller. As a documentary film director and producer, he seeks out compelling characters in hard-to-access settings.  Each film is grounded in exhaustive research and reveals a deep respect for his subjects.

In the field, Kevin’s approach leans toward the immediacy of cinema verite. This method allows Kevin to cultivate immense trust with his subjects. He’s always on the lookout for deeper meaning and poignancy.  He relishes his time in the edit room, where he painstakingly works through hours of material to help the editor create strong story arcs.   

 Several of Kevin’s most successful films have explored the deep problems facing the criminal justice system in America.   His cameras have taken viewers inside death row, behind the scenes of the parole system and onto some of the grittiest streets in the country.

Kevin has also created intimate portraits of well-known public figures, crafted archival-based documentaries, delved into science fiction and explored the military-industrial complex. 

Can comedy be next?