Michael Höerner

Michael Höerner


Michael Höerner was born in New Orleans and raised in California.

Having been a welder by day since the age of 15, and a singer by night, he was in search of a creative endeavor.

In 1990 Michael started his Film Career at Red Car Hollywood by stumbling in to post-production royalty, learning from the best, and becoming Assistant Editor to legendary Film Editors, Larry Bridges & Rob Watzke.

“I love that when I started, Larry & Rob were cutting on flatbeds. Syncing dailies, dealing with negative, sitting in a dark edit room with a trim bin, waiting for a key code shout out to help find a 2 frame piece of film, so that Ridley Scott or Joe Pytka wouldn’t have to wait long, was very exciting.” says Hoerner.

Soon he was off to New York for 2 ½ months on Pepsi, then London with Tony Kaye for British Airways. Michael moved to Red Car New York in ‘93. By ‘94 he was the Head Creative Editor at Ogilvy & Mather’s in house editing facility.

“I don’t have a particular style... I approach Editing by trying to see & hear what wants to come out to make the footage the best it can be. Comedy, narrative, short or long form, each project demands it’s own unique timing, that’s what keeps Editing interesting.”

Michael also Writes, Directs, and shoots still Photography, which has been published and shown in Galleries.


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