The City of White Plains

The City of White Plains

Those of us who live in White Plains know it is a special community. White Plains has a rich history, including being the site of a Revolutionary War battle and host to Founding Fathers George Washington and Alexander Hamilton.  White Plains was incorporated as a city in 1915, but make no mistake, this has long been a bustling place. The railroad was an important factor in the city’s early growth (Main Street used to be called Railroad Avenue). Then came cars, and the city became a shopping and business hub. Today, thousands come into White Plains every day to work, shop and enjoy our restaurants and entertainment options. White Plains is a strong regional employer and the economic engine for Westchester County.  Even with our urban core, however, the city has sought to retain its suburban character with traditional suburban neighborhoods and parks. Above all, White Plains has always been a community that people of all income levels and backgrounds have called home.

Here at the city, we often find ourselves talking about how much White Plains has to offer. And while we keep a close eye on the city’s finances to make sure we live within our means, discuss development projects to determine how they will impact our community, and talk about how best to provide services to residents -- we are certainly fortunate as a community to have so much going for us. 

What does it mean to live in White Plains and be a part of this community? With funding from the Westchester County Industrial Development Agency, the city sought to create a video that really captured the answers to these questions of who we are as a community, as an important regional city, and as a fun place to be.

“Fortunately for us, we found the perfect people to help us create this video, Nitrous Ltd, owned and operated by White Plains residents Paul and Melanie Rosen,” said White Plains Mayor Tom Roach. “We are extremely grateful to Paul and Melanie for helping us capture the essence of White Plains in this terrific video. And we also extend our thanks to Westchester County Executive George Latimer and the County Industrial Development Agency for funding this project on behalf of the city.”

Paul C. Rosen, owner of Nitrous said, “As a business owner and resident of White Plains, I often find myself singing the praises of this great city. I wanted to create a video showcasing the great services, year-round events, fellow businesses and of course, the residents that make White Plains such a wonderful place to live. As a video production company, what better way is there for me to showcase the city that I love?”