Everlast "Square Circles"

Everlast "Square Circles"

Director:  Jarett Bellucci
Creative Director: Jarett Bellucci
Editor:      Jarett Bellucci

Client:          Everlast

Product / Project: Square Circles

Challenge: Showcase individuals who are using the sport of amateur boxing to overcome adversity.

Solution: In this promo, we focus on five individuals whose stories we felt represented the triumph of the human spirit.  Narrated by their real life coach Ray, he introduces his students to the viewer and gives us a glimpse into the lives of amateur boxers.

LITTLE WILLY- 13 year old uses boxing to take out his aggression rather than on his parents.
The BEAST - Rosemary was told she would never walk after a debilitating car wreck. 
THE COMEBACK - Overcoming addiction with boxing. 
MISS PRISS - a mom enrolls her beauty pageant daughter in boxing.
FACING THE FEAR - a hard life finds some direction.