Habla Men Promo

Habla Men Promo

The 11th installment of the acclaimed HBO Latino series “Habla,” “Habla Men” digs deep into the lives of Latinos living in America. Through interviews with Pulitzer Prize winning author Junot Diaz, actor, singer and songwriter Carlos Ponce, and World Heavyweight Champion Blue Demon, and more—this series touches on personal struggles, victories, and everything in between as a Latino man living in America.

With this promo, we worked closely with Producer/Director Alberto Ferreras to deliver the finishing and color-grading.

 “Nitrous collaborated with the production team through pre-production to assure a smooth and efficient post experience," says Paul C. Rosen, colorist for the show and Nitrous owner.

Get a taste of the series by watching the promo above. “Habla Men” premieres on HBO October 10th.

Editor: Alberto Ferreras | Paul C. Rosen
Colorist: Paul C. Rosen