Remote Video Recording

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White Plains, NY

COVID-19 has caused us to rethink how we capture high quality video while keeping everyone safe.

With Nitrous' remote recording capabilities, we are:

  • Capturing high quality video (up to 4K) directly from the interview subject’s home or office
  • Using multiple cameras in one or more locations
  • Recording at a cinematic 24 frames per second - or 30 fps or even 60 fps!
  • Delivering a hassle-free client experience
  • Providing live direction during the shoot

We are not recording an internet stream so the video contains no visual artifacts and the framerate is always smooth. Recordings are created directly from the device camera. Up to four talent can be recorded at one time with up to four participtating observers.

The Nitrous team then edits your project or preps the files for your in-house post department.

Take a look for yourself right here:

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